Spirit Hills Flower Winery

Spirit Hills Flower Winery
Millarville AB
Booth: 907

Company Description:

Spirit Hills crafts one of a kind award winning flower wines that share the purity of the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and give our customers exquisite culinary wine experiences with every delicious wine we produce.

We know how difficult it can be to find a truly memorable and exquisite wine. That is why at Spirit Hills, the Bonjean’s, who hail from generations of French winemakers, layered the flavor elements of traditional grape wine into unforgettable new wines crafted from the wildflowers of their region.

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Individual bottles: $26.50 6-pack (12% discount = 23.26 per bottle) + 4 free wine tours ($60.00 value) ** 12 bottles (18% discount = 21.67 per bottle) + 8 free wine tours ($120.00 value)

New Products

Whitetail is our newest wine on the market that won the Made In Alberta alcoholic drink winner for 2023!

Whitetail is an oaked violet flower wine, perfect for sipping on a patio or pairing with white meats, seafood and cheeses.

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