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Ti-Dox EnviroTek Ltd.

Ti-Dox EnviroTek Ltd.
#2231, 1818 Simcoe Blvd., SW
Calgary AB
Booth: W15


Company Description:

After a decade of research, development and testing, Reinhard Schuetz, P. Eng. and Dean Neitz formed Ti-DOX EnviroTek Ltd. (Calgary, AB) to commercialize the Ti-DOX 'HydroxylizAire' decontamination unit.

The featured technology destroys harmful airborne contaminants (ie: Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and toxic chemicals) which can easily pass through existing filtration devices, are subsequently dispersed through ventilation systems and commonly considered instigators of unhealthy indoor environments, such as Sick Building Syndrome, Respiratory Problems and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Issues.

Show Specials:

$500 DISCOUNT and associated FREE Delivery/Installation within 100km driving distance from Calgary, AB, per HydroxylizAire purchase.

New Products

Ti-DOX 'HydroxylizAire' is a complete NEW product in the market place capable of achieving indoor heated or cooled ENERGY CONSERVATION, as well as being unsurpassed in its ability to simultaneously DESTROY airborne GERMS and TOXIC CHEMICALS.

Certifications & Awards

'Canadian' and 'Unites States' Patent approvals for featured technology

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