Nebula Design Studio

Nebula Design Studio
Calgary AB

Company Description:

Nebula Design Studio is a Calgary local business specializing in handmade jewellery and textiles. We have an assortment of sterling silver and niobium pieces as well as some new titanium earrings that will be featured at the market. Each pieces is crafted with care and anodized to create vibrant colours to enhance the wearer's personal style. We strive to bring a little pop of colour and conversation with our unique products into the world.

Show Specials:

20% off show discount for the Calgary Fall Home Show only (use the code CALGARYHOME2022 online)

New Products

We have a new line of one-of-a-kind crystal titanium earrings that sparkle as they shift in the light in unique colour patterns.

Certifications & Awards

Our primary maker, Chelsea Dyck, has been featured in a number of International Foldforming Competitions ranging from Honourable Mention to Third place.

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