Turkish Throws & Towels

Oct 2, 2021, 02:41 AM

Style Meets Versatility in Your Home

Carrie Banera, The Watermark Shop


One of the hottest home décor items these days is the Turkish throw/towel. Not only can they add an effortlessly, modern touch to your room – they are also super versatile and durable thanks to their thin, long cotton fibers. In fact, Turkish cotton is known to get softer and more comfortable over time.

We all thought we had seen it all when it came to coffee tumblers. Then came the YETI mug. Well, I would say the Turkish throw is the blanket and towel equivalent. Here are some of the reasons why Turkish throws and towels are making their way into every home in 2021 and why we love carrying them at The Watermark Shop!


1.   Cozy and Stylish for the Living Room

Drape a Turkish throw over your couch chair or hang them on a blanket ladder. The quality weave of Turkish cotton means they hang and drape perfectly anywhere you throw them. Not only do they look stylish and beautiful in their ‘down time,’ they are the perfect blend of lightweight and cozy when you want to snuggle up on the couch.


Taylor Turkish Blanket


Doxa Turkish Blanket

2.   Cool and Absorbent in the Bathroom

Turkish throws/towels are also the increasingly top choice as a hand towel or body towel in the bathroom. You can often find Turkish towels that have been woven with cool and stylish designs and textures which can add interest to your bathroom design.

On the flip slide, they are also incredibly practical in the bathroom since their long fibers are very absorbent, yet they dry much quicker than regular cotton towels. (Added bonus for reducing drying time during washing and saving energy!)



3.   Beautiful in the Bedroom

Looking for something to add that pop of style or colour to your bedroom décor? Turkish blankets look great thrown on the edge of your bed and can be an opportunity to add a pop of colour and texture to your basic bedspread. Their cotton fabric also makes them a very welcome and practical option for any sleeper at nighttime. I love to keeping one in my guest room for that very reason!


Doxa Turkish Blanket


4.   Perfect for Travel

If you’re running out the door or heading to the airport, you may find yourself reaching for your Turkish throw. Since they are thin yet slightly structured, they are perfect to wrap around your neck as a cute scarf or shall. And perfect for the plane as a coverup that is cozy yet will fit in your carry-on bag. They will be your new travel BFF.


Kurios Turkish Throw in Desert

5.   Cute for the Kitchen

Turkish hand towels are also popping up in kitchens as a new favourite hand and dish towel. There is a current home style trend around going back to the basics. And you will often find that in a Turkish towel. They provide a simple, understated look to your kitchen and often come in a variety of different designs.

From a practicality standpoint, again they never disappoint. Unlike some synthetic fabrics, Turkish towels will get the drying job done on your dishes and air dry quickly in between uses.


Sydney Turkish Hand Towel


Haley Turkish Hand Towel

These are a few of the reasons why Turkish towels and throws are so versatile and growing incredibly quickly in popularity. And we didn’t even mention how you can use them for picnics, the patio or the beach!

You can find Turkish throws, blankets and hand towels from The Watermark Shop. We’ll also be featured in the For the Home Marketplace during the Calgary Fall Home Show, September 30 – October 3, 2021.