Sep 22, 2022, 14:00 PM

As the leaves change colour and the temperature drops - we’re thinking of warm nights around the fire, post-ski memories and great seasonal design. Whether you’re designing your short-term rental or perhaps needed to renovate a family cabin, the Calgary Fall Home Show has all the inspiration you need to tackle your project lakeside or hillside! We caught up with Heather Campbell, designer of the feature Après Ski to chat about what makes a home cozy and trends for the upcoming season. 

Heather Campbell selfie with soft dark green sweater and white sherpa on couch behind her

“Cabins are all about paying homage to nature,” says Heather. “When designing or styling a cabin you really use the natural elements of the landscape, to create a sense of warmth of retreat given what lies beyond the doors.” She suggests focusing on a minimalistic design with use of natural materials. This includes stone, different woods, concrete and then incorporating deep green colours though plants (fake or real!). “You really want to focus on neutral furnishings and using your windows or fireplace as a highlight.”

For folks looking to create a cozier space on a budget, there are a few simple ways to make a big impact. “Pile on the texture!” says Heather. “It plays a central role in creating an inviting atmosphere.” To get a textured look in your home, she suggests adding a good variety of blankets, throw pillows, and rugs. “You can also blend new and old furniture to create a rustic and cozy feel.” 


At the Calgary Fall Home Show, Heather will be the designer of the unique Après Ski feature - with micro and mini cabins galore we’re excited to see how she’ll transform these small oasis’ with big design. “When I think of après ski, I immediately think of a hot tub or spa. This year I am focusing on creating a cozy zen-like space, using simple furnishing, neutral tones, a lot of textures, a few art pieces to add a decorative element and to allow the architecture of the cabin to create a balanced, harmonious feel.” 


Split image with Heather Campbell on left in front of white shelf with plants and decor. On right is seating area, black and grey pillow with hooks and plants

images from www.heathercampbelldesign.com

It’s the show for every home - cabin or apartment! Stop by the Calgary Fall Home Show Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at the BMO Centre to meet with industry experts, designers and more. Tickets are on sale now at www.calgaryfallhomeshow.com