3 Renovation mistakes to avoid

Sep 15, 2023, 17:43 PM

Whether it’s your first time doing home renovations with a contractor or you’ve been through this before, mistakes can happen. Unfortunately, mistakes while renovating can lead to more cost and a big headache! That’s why you want to do everything possible to ensure your project runs smoothly and achieves your desired results.

RenovationFind, a leading resource in the home improvement industry, offers some tips for homeowners embarking on a significant renovation. Here are three common renovation mistakes you can avoid.


Mistake #1: Hiring the wrong contractor

The success of your home renovation or project depends on the company or contractor you hire. Not researching a company and hiring the wrong contractor can cause stress, cost, and a negative experience. You want to ensure the company you hire has essential credentials, experience, and a proven reputation for quality and good customer service.

In addition, hiring the contractor with the lowest quote is often a mistake homeowners make. If one estimate is much lower than the others, it is a red flag. It means the company is inexperienced and not quoting competitively. It can also mean hiring inexperienced, unskilled, cheap labour and using low-quality products and materials. Instead of going for the lowest quote, choose a contractor that offers a competitive one.


You can find experienced, trustworthy, and pre-screened contractors at www.renovationfind.com. RenovationFind Certified contractors have gone through a lengthy certification process. RenovationFind checks each company for valid business licensing, insurance and WCB coverage. Then, they use a third-party monitor to complete up-to-date financial and legal background checks and constantly monitor for reviews. So, for example, when you’re looking for one of the best window replacement companies in Calgary, you know that you can trust RenovationFind Certified window companies.


Mistake #2: Not investing in design

A vital part of the renovation process is the design phase. A design acts as a detailed roadmap for your contractor and every trade working on the renovation. It ensures that the products in your home complement the aesthetics and flow of the entire home.

Without this design plan, the finished product might be a disappointment. In addition, not having a clear design can lead to overspending, change orders, and going over your budget. A thoughtful design will keep your project running smoothly and within your budget.

For major renovations, such as a new kitchen renovation or even a home addition, you need to hire an interior designer or work with a company that offers in-house design. At RenovationFind, you’ll find a list of interior designers, general contractors, kitchen renovation experts and Calgary’s best home addition companies. Use this list to choose from certified companies who can offer their design expertise.


Mistake #3: Not setting a detailed and realistic budget

The costs of a renovation can add up quickly. When you don’t set a detailed budget from the beginning, considering all costs, your renovation can cost far more than you bargained for. When working with your contractor, you must review each renovation detail, create a design plan, and then a comprehensive budget.

For example, your budget should include the cost of materials, products, supplies, labour, permits, and other fees. In addition, you should set aside 15% of your budget to cover unforeseen costs. During your renovation, you might discover faulty wiring or mould growth that will require fixing before the project can proceed. That contingency budget helps you prepare mentally and financially for those unexpected costs.

Hiring a trusted contractor with a reputation for transparent pricing and excellent communication is a must. RenovationFind’s directory of vetted and certified home services companies makes this easier. You’ll find general contractors, painters, plumbers, flooring stores, the best cabinet refinishing companies in Calgary and many others. These companies can give you detailed and transparent project estimates so you can start creating that renovation budget.